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You've spent countless hours perfecting your craft. And now you're ready to share it with others. Join Mijingo as an author of video screencasts or ebooks. You'll get professional help with content organization, editing and delivery. I built this from scratch and have learned the best practices for publishing online.

Mijingo started as Ryan’s way to self-publish his popular ExpressionEngine training videos and now has learning materials from multiple authors published and in production.

Here’s what you can expect as a Mijingo author:

  • Help with content organization and feedback on your topic.
  • Professional copy editor assigned to all written materials
  • Optional transcriber for all videos
  • Safe and reliable sales and fulfillment of your authored works using the Mijingo storefront.
  • No DRM at all. Ever. We don’t like to annoy our customers and treat them like criminals.
  • Option to create coupons and have sales for your materials.
  • Author dashboard to track sales (still in early stages).
  • Direct deposit monthly payments of royalties.
  • Generous 50% royalty on every sale after costs. Ask around. Most publishers don’t pay this handsomely. Mijingo treats authors right.

So, what do you think?

If you’d like to join Mijingo as an author get in touch with Ryan and share your idea.

Customers Love Mijingo

  • No matter how long I’ve been using #EECMS I still resort back to the @mijingo video training for useful tips. Good stuff!

    Andrew Taucher

  • With “Securing ExpressionEngine 2” even my granny can lock down a #eecms installation. Awesome read…

    Wouter Vervloet

  • I really appreciate all the videos and writing you have done. Your work has given me a jump start on my front end development business.

    Shan Ricciardi

  • I like things that make life easier in web design land. [T]hank goodness for Mijingo.

    Molly Bermea

  • Ryan’s screencasts changed the way I build for the web. They’re easy to follow and he doesn’t miss a step. I still refer to them when I’m stuck. Best investment I’ve made yet.

    Amy Stoddard

  • They’re really clear, and I actually feel like I’m learning how EE works, not just repeating things monkey-like.

    Jodi Warren

  • Greg Aker is one of the brightest rising stars in the Python community. These screencasts are exemplary of that.

    Kenny Meyers

  • I love ExpressionEngine. I read this book last week over two days and built a complete site a day later.

    Lacy Garrison

  • I can’t recommend this screencast enough if you want to make a commercial side project, or add another weapon to your client repertoire.

    Kenny Meyers

  • Just what I was looking for, thanks a mil!

    Deek Design