Video Course Budgets with Soulver

by Ryan Irelan


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Dig in a little with the Mac OS X application Soulver. Spend 9 minutes learning how to use Soulver to create home budgets and project or travel cost estimates in two different styles.

Soulver has recently become one of my favorite and most useful Mac OS X applications. It is billed as an application that “helps you work things out.” I frequently use Soulver to brainstorm project budgets, vacation costs and even a home budget.

In this 9 minute video (part of the LunchWith Series), I walk through how to create two different styles of budgets with Soulver: line item budget and (what I call) a prose budget. Using Soulver’s laid back approach to data entry, we create both a traditional budget and one that uses sentences to describe our incomes and expenses.

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Budgets with Soulver


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What is the difficulty level?

This video is a beginner level introduction to using Soulver for creating simple budgets.

How long is the training video?

This video is 9 minutes of fun.

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