Mijingo training is closing on May 15, 2022. All accounts will be archived after that date. Email support@mijingo.com for any assistance. All training now available at CraftQuest.

About Mijingo

A funny name, but a serious way to learn.

Web design and development technology move fast. I’ve been building websites for more than a decade so I know the challenge. It takes a lot of work to keep up. Using carefully crafted video courses, Mijingo helps you learn new tools and stay on top of your craft. We’ve served thousands of professionals over the last few years.

Design, Development, CMS

The ever-growing catalog of video courses cover topics in three main tracks: Development, Design, and Content Management Systems.

Stream or Download

The courses are available to stream right on our site–from any device you’d like–or download to use when you’re offline.

Some courses come with additional materials, like recorded discussions, PDF course books, slides, and working code examples to use as you participate in the course.

I also offer generous team and company licenses, so you can access the courses with your co-workers and learn together.

No monthly fee

With Mijingo, there’s no commitment or ongoing monthly fee. Learn at your pace and on your own terms.

I want to help you learn something new. Now is the perfect time to get started.

Thanks for learning with me,

Ryan Irelan

Video Credits

“Carefree” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


If you need to get in touch about a problem or request for information about custom courses and licenses, please email support@mijingo.com. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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What are our customers saying?

"Just purchased your Flexible Twig course. Love it!"
Tyler Morrison
"Been enjoying @mijingo 's Learning Craft video tutorials. Feeling like I've got a good basic understanding of #craftcms Very impressive"
Laura Montgomery
"I bought your Craft Starter Pack a year and a half ago. Worth every dollar. In fact, I would've paid twice as much for it, because you saved me so much time."
Timothy Ingram
"Ben's knowledge of Craft combined with his relaxed and informal teaching style makes for a great learning experience."
Steve Abraham
"Ben puts a lot of thought into his teaching approach and has the ability to explain complex concepts in a way that just make sense"
Gareth Redfern
"Ben is great at taking a complex subject and breaking it down in a way that you can wrap your mind around. I thought that plugin development was something I would never understand, and happily Ben proved me wrong!"
Jonathan Melville
"I really appreciate all the videos and writing you have done. Your work has given me a jump start on my front end development business."
Shan Ricciardi

Perfect for Small Teams & Companies

Mijingo's courses are perfect as the training curriculum for both small teams and entire companies.

Our courses are offered in Team Packs (up to 5 people) and Company Packs (up to 25 people), so you can make one simple, fast purchase to train your entire staff.

Prices are listed with each course. Need more than 25 or something custom?

Send Your Requirements
Team Pack2-5 People
Company Pack6-25 People
Custom Pack25+ People