Mijingo training is closing on May 15, 2022. All accounts will be archived after that date. Email support@mijingo.com for any assistance. All training now available at CraftQuest.

Mijingo Partner Program

You like a Mijingo course. You want to share that course with others: your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or in a sidebar of your blog or website. Now you can do that and earn some money along the way. Earn 25% on every new customer sale you refer.

When you enroll in the Mijingo Partner Program, you get personalized course-specific URLs that you can use to share the courses with others. Every time somebody uses your course URL to create a new account and purchase a course you will get credit for that purchase.

To kick things off, the Mijingo Partner Program is a offering 25% commission on every new customer purchase.

How do I enroll?

It’s simple:

  1. Sign-in or create a free Mijingo account. This is required to enroll.
  2. On the Course Library/Account page, access the Partner Program page.
  3. Opt in to the Partner Program.
  4. Share your links everywhere you can!

Once you’re logged in and enrolled, you’ll also see custom links at the bottom of each course page.

What are the rules of the partner program?

There are few. Nothing fancy but alas, rules are needed for this stuff. By turning on the Partner Program for your account and sharing your partner links you agree to these rules.

The Mijingo Partner Program is all about sharing the opportunity for learning something new with people you know, those who visit or read your website, or like-minded folks who follow you on social media. In return you get some scratch for the next iPhone or something.

The current commission rate is 25%

Partner commissions are only paid for new customers creating an account on Mijingo.com for the first time and who successfully complete a transaction for a paid Mijingo course. Existing customers or account holders who use your referral links are, unfortunately, not eligible for commissions.

Your commission is based on the total sale price after discounts. If your referree uses a 40% discount, your commission is based on the course price minus the 40%. If the discount is 100% (it happens), then there’s no commission paid.

In keeping with the Mijingo way, please don’t post your partner links to forums, message boards, or anywhere else it would be considered spamming or unwelcome. If nefarious, annoying activity is discovered, your account will be revoked.

All partner referral transactions are subject to auditing to ensure there’s nothing fishy going on. Don’t be fishy.

Your participation in the Mijingo Partner Program is at the discretion of Mijingo, LLC. Anyone who is found to violate the rules or do something with their partner links that is unbecoming of a kind person will be removed from the program. Don’t be a jerk, please.

Payouts are made via PayPal.

Ready to go?

The Mijingo Partner Program is a great way to share courses with people who want to learn something new about web design, web development, or CMS implementation, while earning yourself a little bit of money to help pay your next electric bill (if your Summers are anything like they are here in Austin, every little bit counts).

Enjoy the Partner Program and let me know if you have any questions by just emailing me at support@mijingo.com.

What are our customers saying?

"Just purchased your Flexible Twig course. Love it!"
Tyler Morrison
"Been enjoying @mijingo 's Learning Craft video tutorials. Feeling like I've got a good basic understanding of #craftcms Very impressive"
Laura Montgomery
"I bought your Craft Starter Pack a year and a half ago. Worth every dollar. In fact, I would've paid twice as much for it, because you saved me so much time."
Timothy Ingram
"Ben's knowledge of Craft combined with his relaxed and informal teaching style makes for a great learning experience."
Steve Abraham
"Ben puts a lot of thought into his teaching approach and has the ability to explain complex concepts in a way that just make sense"
Gareth Redfern
"Ben is great at taking a complex subject and breaking it down in a way that you can wrap your mind around. I thought that plugin development was something I would never understand, and happily Ben proved me wrong!"
Jonathan Melville
"I really appreciate all the videos and writing you have done. Your work has given me a jump start on my front end development business."
Shan Ricciardi

Perfect for Small Teams & Companies

Mijingo's courses are perfect as the training curriculum for both small teams and entire companies.

Our courses are offered in Team Packs (up to 5 people) and Company Packs (up to 25 people), so you can make one simple, fast purchase to train your entire staff.

Prices are listed with each course. Need more than 25 or something custom?

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Team Pack2-5 People
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