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3 Things to Know About Craft Plugin Development

by Ryan Irelan

This is a part of an interview with Craft Plugin Development author Ben Croker. Ben had a lot of great stuff to share; this is the second part. Read Part 1 on getting started with Craft plugin development.

What are three things someone starting out with Craft plugin development should know?

Ben Croker: Plugins in Craft can be very, very simple. Literally, with a single file and several lines of code you can create a plugin that actually does something. Obviously things can get much more complex, but with a little knowledge you can certainly go a long way!!

Mastery is a journey. When I first started plugin development in Craft there were no docs. I ripped open the core and learned through persistence. And I am still learning. Come at this from a place of curiosity and experimentation and you will come a long way!!

You are not alone. There are many other people out there who are learning Craft plugin development, as well as many who are already building their own plugins. Get involved in the Craft Slack Group and use them, in my experience they are all very welcoming and happy to help.

Ready to develop your first Craft plugin?

Ben’s Craft Plugin Development course is 90+ minutes, broken up into several videos for easier learning and reference. Ben will get you from not knowing how to develop plugins to having your first plugin done and working!

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