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Aaron Draplin’s Creative Mornings Talk

by Ryan Irelan

Aaron Draplin’s Creative Mornings talk is about fifty ways to “ruin” your career. The advice he gives includes some gentle reminders of what’s really important and how you should approach your own work. Aaron’s success wasn’t overnight and he did a lot of work that didn’t pay or didn’t pay much before he had some success.

Here at Mijingo, a typical one-hour training video—from the initial brainstorming to the final exported video—could easily take 30-40 hours of work. The result of that work isn’t always a giant tsunami of sales or critical acclaim. Some products sell better than others. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good work or that there aren’t people out there whom the video helps to learn a new topic. Success, however you define it, isn’t a thing…it’s a series of things put together.

Here’s Aaron’s inspiring talk:

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