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Bash Alias to Download and Extract Latest WordPress

by Ryan Irelan

In the last blog post we covered the basics of bash aliases and how to create one. This time I want to jump back into Greg’s Command Line Fundamentals course and share a nice trick on how to automate downloading and extracting the latest version of WordPress.

This is an alias we could use just about every single day.

I have an empty directory on my computer called new-wp. I want to create an alias that will:

  1. Download the latest WordPress via wget
  2. Unarchive the download using tar
  3. Clean up by deleting the downloaded archive.

Here’s what the alias would look like:

alias get_wp="wget && tar zxvf latest.tar.gz && rm latest.tar.gz"

The first part is using the alias keyword to start defining a new alias, followed by the name of the alias. In this example we’ll call it get_wp.

Then we define the commands, starting with wget, fetching the latest.tar.gz file on the WordPress server, which always contains the latest version of the software.

We use the && operator to tell Bash to run an additional command (but only when/if the first one completes). The second command is to unarchive the file using tar.

Finally, we add another && operator to remove and bash the downloaded archive. Since we’ve already unarchived it, we no longer need it around.

Now run the command inside the new-wp directory


and see the magic happen!

If you prefer to watch instead of read, check out this excerpt of the same tutorial from Greg Aker’s Command Line Fundamentals course:

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