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Course Updates for Craft 3

by Ryan Irelan

Last week Pixel & Tonic released Craft 3 RC1, the first release candidate after the beta period. The final release of Craft 3 won’t be until April 2018.

The new version includes some improvements and minor changes to how we build sites with Craft but the general approach we all use (and the one I teach) will not change. There will be code changes here and there but it’s not a “rip it up and do it again” type of upgrade.

Where does this leave Mijingo’s Craft courses?

As of right now, the courses are still the best way to learn Craft. The general approach to building sites with Craft has not changed.

Here’s my plan to update them for Craft 3:

  • Updates to courses for Craft 3 will be free for all students who purchase the courses. The only exception is the Craft Plugin Development course.
  • I will redo Up and Running with Craft first because it is the one most impacted by the changes.
  • I will redo Fundamentals of Craft Commerce as soon as Pixel & Tonic releases the Commerce 2 beta and I can review what I need to update in the course.
  • I will evaluate the remaining courses for Craft 3’s impact on the material and amend or update accordingly.
  • I will keep you updated as I go.

Where does this leave you?

If you need to learn Craft now, then now is still the time to learn it. Grab a copy of Craft 2, a copy of Craft Essentials, and get to work.

After you complete the courses, then you can get acquainted with Craft 3 using my free lessons.

Major software releases are always a juggling act but as the official training partner for Craft we’re in a good spot going forward.

Happy learning!

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