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Craft CMS Training for Teams

by Ryan Irelan

Today I started offering private on-site training for Craft CMS. This training class is designed for small teams (up to 15 people) who need to quickly get up-to-speed on how to build websites with Craft CMS.

You have a team. They need to learn Craft and start building or maintaining your website. Mijingo’s private, in-person Craft training class can help:

  • Get your team up-to-speed quickly and efficiently, while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.
  • Learn the skills necessary to manage an existing website running Craft, including how to expand and build on top of it.
  • Explore the power and affordability of using Craft CMS and leave behind other tools that break your spirit (or your budget).
  • The classroom training will provide you with the tried and true methods for building websites with Craft.

The class is ideal for:

  • college or university internal design and development teams
  • agency teams looking to quickly adopt Craft CMS as a new technology
  • embedded marketing development teams who have been tasked with using Craft and need to quickly roll out new sites with it
  • internal teams who just took on maintenance responsibility for a newly built site running Craft CMS

Of course your situation may be different. Get in touch to share it with me and learn more.

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