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Craft Plugin Development Workbook

by Ryan Irelan

Ben Croker, the author of Craft Plugin Development, created a follow-up to his video course in the form of a workbook.

The digital workbook that builds on the plugin development course by gently guiding you along as you build another plugin on your own. Ben set up this workbook to build on and reinforce what you learned with him in the video course.

Let me take a moment to explain why a follow-up like this is important (for those of you who’d rather skip the explanation, you can go right to the workbook page).

When you learn something new, like plugin development for Craft, there are three stages that help the information you learn stay stored in your long term memory.

The first stage is watching and taking in the new material, like you would with a video course.

The second stage is watching again and engaging with the new material by, for example, coding along with the video and applying what’s being taught.

The final stage, and the one so many people skip, is applying the material you just learned again but on your own, using your own information and research to work around problems or challenges. It’s in this third and final step that real mastery starts and your brain stores the information in long term memory.

It’s the difference between understanding how Craft plugins are developed and knowing how to do it without hesitation.

Ben’s new workbook is the third step. He guides you a bit but the workbook nudges you toward solving problems on your own (with helpful links off to documentation) so you can loosen the training wheels and let them fall to the side.

The workbook is available now. Watch Ben’s introduction video to learn more.


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