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Cutting Assets with Slicy

by Ryan Irelan

Preparing assets properly for web or mobile apps can be a pain. You have to create multiple sizes and versions and you have tediously go through the PSD to export what you need.

In this excerpt from the Fundamentals of iPhone App Design course, Funsize designer Rick Messer shows how to use Slicy to quickly export assets for the NearMe iPhone app he builds in the course.

To get start using Slicy here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download Slicy (and then grab a license) and install it (Mac OS X only)
  2. In your PSD, properly name your layers per the instructions Rick gave in the video (the layer name should be the name of the image you want to export). If you’re designing at 2x then Slicy will automatically create the 1x images for you (pretty cool!).
  3. Set up AutoRepeat in Slicy so it will automatically export new images when you edit the layers.

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