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ExpressionEngine Courses Price Reduced

by Ryan Irelan

Last week EllisLab released ExpressionEngine 3, the latest major update to the CMS. You can read more about this update on their blog.

The new version sports a brand new control panel interface, a revamped add-on development framework, and other changes.

However, the templating system is the same and how you structure and build your websites on ExpressionEngine should not fundamentally change.

My ExpressionEngine tutorials and courses are still useful because of the fundamentals they teach. However, some of them will be more challenging to follow along with because the Control Panel is different.

This doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them but it does mean it might be a little bit of extra work.

Because of that I’ve slashed the price on courses by up to 60%. For example, you can get the Learning ExpressionEngine course for only $20 (normally $49.99).

Quite the deal.

I’ll have more updates in the future about updates to the course (or, most likely, a brand new course) to cover ExpressionEngine 3.

If you want the course, please email me to let me know. If there’s high demand I’ll move it up on my list.

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