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Happy Cog + Mijingo

by Ryan Irelan

Today I am delighted to announce that Mijingo is partnering with Happy Cog to create and publish even more training materials for you. With Happy Cog as my partner I now have direct access to the talented people at the company and I am able to dedicate more time to working on Mijingo. Happy Cog, at its core, has a passion for sharing, teaching, and learning. Together we will bring the best practices of building for the web to screencast training videos, ebooks, and more.

In 2008 I started with a series of videos on ExpressionEngine published through my friends at the Pragmatic Programmers (and then later wrote a book with them). Working with the Pragmatic Programmers team taught me that authoring can be fun and that publishers can be thoughtful, fair people who truly care about what they’re creating. I’ve taken those experiences and made them core to Mijingo and its mission.

After 2 years publishing as Mijingo the business entity, in 2010 I officially launched, the website, where I started selling my videos. What started out with just one product very slowly grew into a collection of tutorials for people who work building the web. The entire time between 2008 through 2012 I worked on Mijingo on my own time: evenings, weekends, and even sometimes on vacation. The new partnership with Happy Cog now allows me to spend more time on Mijingo. I am really, really excited about that.

I couldn’t imagine a better fit and I am beyond excited about sharing my passion for Mijingo and teaching with the brilliant team at Happy Cog. An extra special thank you to Happy Cog CEO Greg Hoy and President Greg Storey for working with me on the partnership and for investing in Mijingo’s success. I am thrilled to be working with them in this new role.

Read the announcement from Happy Cog: Meet our newest partner, Mijingo

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