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How I Learned to Teach

by Ryan Irelan

A couple years ago, I wrote an essay on my experience learning and teaching a foreign language and how that formed my approach to teaching technical topics here at Mijingo.

Two years after returning from Germany, I was a graduate student teaching elementary German to undergraduates. On the first day of the semester I walked into the classroom, stood in front of the class and introduced myself … in German. How I learned German was how I now taught German (thanks to an excellent teaching program). This was my first experience preparing a curriculum that used immersive learning techniques. It worked for me and it worked for my students. That experience stuck with me.

Read the whole thing to learn how immersive language learning techniques can help you be more successful learning web development skills.

Immersive learning isn’t limited to just languages. You can use it to teach and learn anything: code, software, content management systems, development frameworks, or productivity workflows.

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