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How to Install Grunt

by Ryan Irelan

Installing Grunt is the first step to automating your web development workflow with a JavaScript Task Runner and it takes just a few steps.

Here’s a video of the steps (pulled right from the course). The written steps are also below.

To install Grunt we need to use the command line.

  • Install Node.js. Using the big green button on the NodeJS site, download the installer package for your operating system. This includes NPM or Node Package Manager, which we also need to manage our Grunt plugins.
  • We do want to make sure we are up to date with npm. So, first, run:
npm update -g npm
  • Now we can install the Grunt command line tool using npm:
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

This will install the grunt command line tool in your system path and allow it to be run from anywhere on your system. It doesn’t install Grunt, just allows us to run the local project version of Grunt from the command line.

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