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Inspiration for Your First Craft Plugin

by Ryan Irelan

This is a part of an interview with Craft Plugin Development author Ben Croker. Ben had a lot of great stuff to share; this is the third part. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Can you recommend a couple existing Craft plugins that someone could look at to get inspired as to what’s possible?

For a beautiful UI and wonderful use of dashboard widgets take a look at Dukt’s Analytics plugin.

For a feature packed maps plugin check out Smart Map by Double Secret Agency.

For a solution to simple payments in Craft check out Charge by SquareBit.

For a plugin that you can learn plugin development from, check out the free Entry Count plugin that accompanies the Craft Plugin Development video course.

You can find a full list of Craft plugins on StraightUpCraft.

Is anyone creating plugins to sell?

Yes, there are many commercial plugins already available, including two of my own. Here are just a few sites that are selling plugins:

Ready to develop your first Craft plugin?

Ben’s Craft Plugin Development course is 90+ minutes, broken up into several videos for easier learning and reference. Ben will get you from not knowing how to develop plugins to having your first plugin done and working!

Get Immediate Access

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