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Learn more advanced Git techniques

by Ryan Irelan

Today I released a brand new course called Git: The Next Steps. It’s a follow-up to the Basics of Git course that gets you up and running with Git version control.

The course has three modules: How Git Works, Git Workflow Tools, and Solving Problems with Git.

We start out with digging in and learning how Git works and why it really is just a bunch of interrelated commit objects (what? you’ll see what I mean when you take the course).

The workflow tools module gives you practical Git commands that will help you immediately. A cool way to create useful, helpful Git log output, merging stashing, and tagging.

Module 3 gives you information for when things go wrong. Because they will go wrong! Learn all about git-bisect, git-revert, and git-reset.

There’s a lot more to learn about Git and this course will take you to the next step.

Start learning Git now

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