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Live Stream: Craft Plugin Development

by Ryan Irelan

On Wednesday I’m putting myself in the hot seat.

I’m meeting up with Andrew Welch of nystudio107 (developer of SEOmatic and other Craft plugins) for a live stream where we’ll review one or two of my Craft plugins.

Andrew will be frank about my code and along the way we’ll:

  • discuss what I could do differently in my code,
  • how to take a plugin I developed for a project and get it ready for public distribution,
  • and ideas and tips for people new to Craft plugin development (and those new to plugin development in general).

During the live stream we’ll have a chat room going so you can ask questions in real time and we can answer them.

This live stream is meant for current plugin developers, struggling plugin developers, and those who think they aren’t good enough to create their own plugin.

It takes place on Wednesday February 28th at 12PM CST (check your timezone).

We’ve only 100 seats for this so hit the button below to register for the live stream. See you there!

Watch Ryan in the Hot Seat

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