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LiveReload Screencast

by Ryan Irelan

In this Quick Look video, I walk through LiveReload 2.0, an app that allows you to get automatic browser reloads of your website files as your work on them in your code editor. But it isn’t that simple. LiveReload also does compiling and preprocessing and has (according to the website) “first-class support for CoffeeScript, SASS/SCSS, LESS, Stylus, HAML and Jade, and is shipped with all of them included.”

My video walks through the very basics of LiveReload, including how to use the custom command functionality, so you can run a script after processing but before the browser reloads. I use my personal website, which runs the ruby tool Jekyll, as an example and set it up to build the static files (by running the jekyll command) after I save a change to a file.

Click on the four arrow icon to watch the video fullscreen and in HD

The LiveReload beta is available for free but the final version should cost around $10 and be available in the Mac App Store.

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