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Lunch with Soulver

by Ryan Irelan

In a continuation of the LunchWith Series of videos, I jump in and talk about one of my favorite tools on Mac OS X: Soulver.

Soulver is a scratchpad for calculations from the simple (like a home budget) to the complex. I use it mostly to brainstorm budgets, project costs and travel expenses. I also use it to track other financial information, like book sales. In short, Soulver has replaced by notepad for scribbling down and “working the numbers.”

As you can tell, I’m excited by Soulver. It’s a great app, so in the new Lunch with Soulver video, Budgets with Soulver, I walk through how to create two different styles of budgets with Soulver: a line item budget and (what I call) a prose budget. Using Soulver’s laid back approach to data entry, I create both a traditional budget and one that uses sentences to describe our incomes and expenses.

The video is free and available in HD streaming. Watch it now!



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