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New CMS: Craft by Pixel & Tonic

by Ryan Irelan

My friends at Pixel & Tonic released a new CMS today. It’s called Craft (formerly called Blocks) and it is now in public beta. Craft core is available for free and there are several awesome add-on packages you can buy to expand the capabilities of the CMS.

I’ve been working with Craft almost daily for the last two months. In fact, I’m almost ready to launch my first website built on Craft. And, yes, I also have a video in production covering how to build websites on Craft.

For now, however, go download the free version of Craft and give it a spin. If you don’t have time to do that, I do a very brief walk-thru in the video below. I don’t touch on everything that Craft can do; it’s just a quick look at the very basics.

Enjoy and more soon!

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