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New Course: Basecamp Essentials

by Ryan Irelan

Today we launched a brand new course called Basecamp Essentials, which covers everything you need to know about managing and using Basecamp for project collaboration.

You can make your projects happen on-time with Basecamp’s powerful features. To-do lists keep you honest about what needs to be done. Team discussions ensure everyone is on the same page. Collaborative text documents help you write guidelines, press releases, documentation or white papers. The Basecamp project calendar helps you assign deadlines and milestones to everything.

But all of these pieces need to work together. And you need to know how they all work together. That’s where Basecamp Essentials comes in.

The Basecamp Essentials course is two parts: one video handles how to set up Basecamp for your team and the second videos covers how to use Basecamp effectively for project collaboration.

Ready to get started? Learn Basecamp now.

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