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New Course: Twig Templates in Craft

by Ryan Irelan

Twig Templates in Craft covers the how, what, and why of using Twig in Craft templates. It’s the perfect companion to the Learning Craft course (and you can get them together as a bundle).

In this course you will get a comprehensive overview of working with Twig templates in Craft. The goal is to get over the hump of writing Twig code, dispel any myth that using Twig is difficult, and help you take the next step in using Craft.

I’ve found that the big questions people new to Craft have are:

  • Where does Twig end and Craft begin?
  • Which tags are Craft and which are Twig?
  • Where should I look when I need help? The Craft documentation or the Twig documentation?

By understanding what’s Craft and what’s Twig we’ll be able to answer all three of those questions.

We will work together to review the basics of templates in Craft first, and the move into the basics of Twig, and, finally, into the Craft-specific implementation of Twig.

Ready to learn more about Twig and Craft?

The new course is ready for you to download or stream. It also include a 35-page PDF course book.

Get the Twig and Craft course

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