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Run Gulp from Sublime Text

by Ryan Irelan

My friend and fellow teacher Mike Clark alerted me to this one after he saw it in the Sublime Text Tips email newsletter. And it is very cool.

Gulp is a Sublime Text package that makes it very, very simple to run Gulp commands and tasks right from Sublime Text.

It’s really easy to get started with it.

Running Gulp tasks inside of Sublime Text

Installing Sublime Text Gulp

The Gulp package is installed using the Package Install command in Sublime Text.

  1. Type Shift-Command-P and then type “package” until you get the “Package Control: Install Package” option.
  2. Hit Enter to have Sublime text retrieve the package index.
  3. Type “Gulp” to search for the Sublime Text Gulp package. Once you found it, press Enter to install it.

That’s it!

Running Gulp in Sublime Text

If you already have a project with a Gulpfile.js file, open it in Sublime Text. Now we use the Command Palette (Shift-Command-P) to run your Gulp tasks.

  1. Shift-Command-P
  2. Type gulp
  3. Choose “Gulp” or “Gulp (silent) which will run them in the background without output
  4. You’re done!

Running Gulp inside of Sublime Text

If you spend a lot of time in Sublime Text and need to run a special task that isn’t automated as part of gulp watch then this is a great plugin to have.

Learn more about Gulp in our JavaScript Taskrunners: Grunt and Gulp course.

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