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Ryan at Peers Conference 2015

by Ryan Irelan

On April 30th, in Philadelphia, I’m teaching a workshop on Git version control at Peers Conference.

The workshop is called “Git: Under the Hood” and is a three-hour extravaganza that will cover intermediate-to-advanced information about how to use Git to work faster and smarter.

I’d be delighted (and you’ll learn a lot) if you attend both my workshop and the conference. You can get two half-day workshops and a two-day conference pass for only $499. Three full days of great information.

A bit about Peers, for those of you new to it:

We’re a different kind of conference. One where you’ll hear from folks you know, and some new voices you don’t. We bring together developers, designers and web business owners to share their knowledge and experiences. (And have some fun, too.) Whether you’re a pixel-pusher, an artisan or a maker, Peers is for you. Let’s do something awesome, together.

Go register and reserve your space!

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