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Screencasting Tips

by Ryan Irelan

I recently received a support email about some tips to get started creating screencasts. I happily obliged because, well, I enjoy talking about this stuff.

Here’s what I shared.

I would use Screenflow if you’re on Mac OS X. Otherwise Camtasia on Windows is a solid choice.

Get a good microphone, if you can. I really like the Røde Podcaster mic . It’s not inexpensive but sounds great and it’s easy to set up.

Some other tips (I should do a blog post!):

  • Make an outline before you start. High level topics and then any details you need to remember to cover.
  • Don’t script it! You’ll sound robotic and have weird pauses.
  • Record in a standard format. Screenflow will record your entire screen. You can make this work for you by setting you computer resolution to 1280x720 or 1920x1080.
  • Do simple editing, skip the fancy effects.
  • Think about pacing when you’re editing. Does it feel like it’s dragging? Can you cut out the 30 seconds it takes to type out all of that code (esp. if you’ve typed it before) and cross dissolve into the full line?
  • Publish to YouTube or Vimeo. They’re the best.

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