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Search Git Commits with grep

by Ryan Irelan

A log of commits in Git (retrieved using git-log) can be filtered and changed to output only the commits (or types of commits) that we want to see.

Typically, you review the repository history using git-log by running:

git log

The default log is great for grabbing a quick look at what just happened in the repository. But it takes up a lot space and you can only see a handful of commits at once, unless you have a display the size of a building.

Sometimes, however, we want to only find changes that included certain keywords in the commit message. To do this we use the --grep option and pass in a term or regular expression.

git log --grep="homepage"

This will return a log with commits that only reference the word “homepage” in the commit message.

Used in conjunction with other git-log options (like --author and --since), you can very quickly narrow down the commits to exactly what you’re looking for.

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