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Securing ExpressionEngine Ebooklet Updated

by Ryan Irelan

A long-time favorite of Mijingo customers is Mark Huot’s ebooklet Securing ExpressionEngine 2. The ebooklet was first published in 2010 and is now available with updates and improvements, including a brand new HD version of the bonus video.

In this 30-page ebooklet, ExpressionEngine guru Mark Huot details steps you can take to make your installation of ExpressionEngine even more secure. Mark shares his experience from building dozens of high-profile ExpressionEngine-powered websites.

The new version brings the text up-to-date with the latest version of ExpressionEngine. This is a must-have for anyone building and deploying websites running EE, whether for yourself or for clients.

Securing ExpressionEngine 2 is about 30 pages long and you get the PDF, epub version and the HD video walk-thru for just $10.

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