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Gift The Happy Cog Way

by Ryan Irelan

Starting today you can send The Happy Cog Way course bundle as a gift to someone else. Your lucky friend will receive a gift code that they can then redeem at Mijingo.

There’s no extra charge or fee to gift The Happy Cog Way. Just fill out the form, add the gift card to your cart and check out!

Your gift recipient will receive an email notifying them of the gift within 24 hours (but usually much faster).

Give the gift of learning today!

The Happy Cog Way on Sale for Only $99

by Ryan Irelan

The Happy Cog Way bundle is now on sale again for only $99. We did a special sale for the launch and the first few weeks. That crazy price is back again and you can get all 8 courses for less than a benjamin.

The courses are:

  • HTML Prototyping
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Fundamentals of HTML5
  • Fundamentals of CSS3
  • Up and Running with Sass
  • Building a Type System
  • Basics of Grids
  • Deploying Website

All courses are authored by the wonderfully talented folks at Happy Cog. And, to add to it, each course includes supplemental materials, like a recorded roundtable discussion, a full transcript of the video course, code and design examples, and other materials.

The price is usually $149 for this course, but it’s on sale for a limited time. Grab it now for $50 off and save that money to treat yourself to something nice.

Save 50% on ExpressionEngine Book

by Ryan Irelan

My ExpressionEngine 2: A Quick-Start Guide book is published by the fine folks at The Pragmatic Programmers. They also do an annual holiday sale and right now you can get my book in ebook format for only $11 (that’s 50% off regular price).

The sale is until Monday, December 2, 2013, PST. To get the discount use the coupon code turkey2013 when you check out.

Ready to learn ExpressionEngine? Go for it.

Holiday Sale - Up to 50% off Everything

by Ryan Irelan

As has become the tradition here, we’re running our annual “Black Friday” sale on all of our training courses. But it’s not just one day. Everything is on sale until 11:59 PM CST Sunday.

Save up to 50% on courses to learn Git version control, Basecamp, Getting Started with WordPress, Markdown, static websites with Jekyll, HTML5, CSS3, typography, grids, Responsive Web Design, and more!

There’s no coupon needed. The prices are reduced site-wide. Don’t wait until Monday, though. It’ll be too late.

Start learning now.

New Course: Getting Started with WordPress

by Ryan Irelan

A few months ago I found myself in the middle of a custom WordPress them, under a tight deadline and looking for somewhere to start to understand the basics of WordPress themes and templates. I wish I had a comprehensive video course to watch. So, I found an expert to create one for Mijingo.

Today we released a brand new course on WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems in the world.

From humble beginnings as a simple blogging tool, WordPress now powers around 19% of the websites on the internet. And while its dashboard is simple to use for content administration, building and customizing a theme for WordPress isn’t always straight-forward.

This 2 ½ hour course by WordPress veteran John Chandler closes the knowledge gap and gets you up and running building sites with WordPress.

The course is divided into three videos, each one bringing you one step closer in your own journey to becoming a WordPress master.

Ready to get started learning WordPress or tighten up your skills? Learn WordPress now.

New Course: Basecamp Essentials

by Ryan Irelan

Today we launched a brand new course called Basecamp Essentials, which covers everything you need to know about managing and using Basecamp for project collaboration.

You can make your projects happen on-time with Basecamp’s powerful features. To-do lists keep you honest about what needs to be done. Team discussions ensure everyone is on the same page. Collaborative text documents help you write guidelines, press releases, documentation or white papers. The Basecamp project calendar helps you assign deadlines and milestones to everything.

But all of these pieces need to work together. And you need to know how they all work together. That’s where Basecamp Essentials comes in.

The Basecamp Essentials course is two parts: one video handles how to set up Basecamp for your team and the second videos covers how to use Basecamp effectively for project collaboration.

Ready to get started? Learn Basecamp now.

Now Streaming: Learning Craft

by Ryan Irelan

There were a few hiccups getting the streaming version of our Learning Craft video posted but it is now available for your viewing pleasure.

If you purchased the Learning Craft video series (3 videos, 2 ½ hours of learning) you now have access to both the streaming and downloadable versions of the course. From your Account page, click the Watch link to stream the course.


Interview with Ryan Irelan

by Ryan Irelan

Recently I was on the Show Me Your Mic podcast hosted by Chris Enns of the SSKTN podcast network.

During the one hour interview we talk about how I create stuff here at Mijingo, the amazing studio setup that Happy Cog has put together in our Austin office, some of the tools I use, and, of course, my favorite podcasts.

Give it a listen, if you have a few minutes.

What’s coming up at Mijingo?

by Ryan Irelan

The answer to that question is right here on the Upcoming page I posted last week.

The new Upcoming list is pulled right from the tool I use to organize the status of the courses I’m planning and have in progress. I’ll update it regularly, so please check back.

(If you subscribe to the Mijingo newsletter you already know this. If you don’t subscribe to the newsletter, it only takes a 10 seconds to complete. Go sign up for latest news and offers.)

Quick Look: Anvil for Mac

by Ryan Irelan

I’ve recently started using Anvil for Mac, a simple Mac OS X menubar app that provides a simple interface to the Pow server.

Here’s a quick look at the app and how simple it is to use for localhosting static web sites.

New Video: Basics of Git

by Ryan Irelan

Today I’m happy to announce the availability of the newest training video from Mijingo: Basics of Git.

Basics of Git is aimed at people who work building the web. In 54 minutes, I give you the foundation you need to start using Git. If you already use it but aren’t sure exactly what you’re doing then this video will help you, too.

Being well-versed in modern version control systems like Git is quickly becoming expected, right alongside knowing HTML and CSS. It’s not a “nice to have” skill any longer; it’s a must-have. Sit down for an hour with me and add Git to your toolbox. You’ll be glad you did.

As always, this video is available as both a downloadable video file and a version you can stream right here on the site.

Learn Git now.

Digital PM Summit: Oct 14-15

by Ryan Irelan

Today, The Bureau of Digital Affairs (in association with Happy Cog) announced a brand new conference for project managers who work on web projects: Digital PM Summit

All too often, discussion within the digital design community is centered around the end product, not the journey that leads to it. The processes and practices used to manage projects, people, and relationships are crucial. It’s time to start sharing ideas.

The two-day conference will take place in Philadelphia in October and will be limited to only 150 people.

If you want to go, be sure to sign up for the newsletter, as subscribers will get the first dibs on tickets.

New CMS: Craft by Pixel & Tonic

by Ryan Irelan

My friends at Pixel & Tonic released a new CMS today. It’s called Craft (formerly called Blocks) and it is now in public beta. Craft core is available for free and there are several awesome add-on packages you can buy to expand the capabilities of the CMS.

I’ve been working with Craft almost daily for the last two months. In fact, I’m almost ready to launch my first website built on Craft. And, yes, I also have a video in production covering how to build websites on Craft.

For now, however, go download the free version of Craft and give it a spin. If you don’t have time to do that, I do a very brief walk-thru in the video below. I don’t touch on everything that Craft can do; it’s just a quick look at the very basics.

Enjoy and more soon!

Happy Cog + Mijingo

by Ryan Irelan

Today I am delighted to announce that Mijingo is partnering with Happy Cog to create and publish even more training materials for you. With Happy Cog as my partner I now have direct access to the talented people at the company and I am able to dedicate more time to working on Mijingo. Happy Cog, at its core, has a passion for sharing, teaching, and learning. Together we will bring the best practices of building for the web to screencast training videos, ebooks, and more.

In 2008 I started with a series of videos on ExpressionEngine published through my friends at the Pragmatic Programmers (and then later wrote a book with them). Working with the Pragmatic Programmers team taught me that authoring can be fun and that publishers can be thoughtful, fair people who truly care about what they’re creating. I’ve taken those experiences and made them core to Mijingo and its mission.

After 2 years publishing as Mijingo the business entity, in 2010 I officially launched, the website, where I started selling my videos. What started out with just one product very slowly grew into a collection of tutorials for people who work building the web. The entire time between 2008 through 2012 I worked on Mijingo on my own time: evenings, weekends, and even sometimes on vacation. The new partnership with Happy Cog now allows me to spend more time on Mijingo. I am really, really excited about that.

I couldn’t imagine a better fit and I am beyond excited about sharing my passion for Mijingo and teaching with the brilliant team at Happy Cog. An extra special thank you to Happy Cog CEO Greg Hoy and President Greg Storey for working with me on the partnership and for investing in Mijingo’s success. I am thrilled to be working with them in this new role.

Read the announcement from Happy Cog: Meet our newest partner, Mijingo

Ryan on The Non-Breaking Space Show

by Ryan Irelan

Last month I sat down for an hour and talked to Christopher Schmitt and Dave McFarland of The Non-Breaking Space Show podcast about the work I do here at Mijingo, at Happy Cog and elsewhere. I shared some nerdy stuff I like to do and a little bit about how I get started in the web business.

If you fancy learning more about Mijingo and me, I hope you’ll give the podcast a listen.

Listen Now

CriticMarkup: Plain Text Syntax for Editors

by Ryan Irelan

Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess put together a markup format that makes it easier to do to editing changes and comments in plain text documents.

CriticMarkup is a way for authors and editors to track changes to documents in plain text. As with Markdown, small groups of distinctive characters allow you to highlight insertions, deletions, substitutions and comments, all without the overhead of heavy, proprietary office suites.

CriticMarkup works with Markdown, MultiMarkdown and even just good ol’ HTML. But, really, it’ll work with anything plain text documents.

Also available are text editor plugins to help you get started and make writing the syntax faster. Everything is available on the CriticMarkup site.

If you want to learn more about using Markdown (my preferred way to write everything, even this blog post), our 30 minute training video on Markdown will teach you everything you need to know to get started, including some popular tools.

Released: Building an ExpressionEngine Add-on

by Ryan Irelan

Today I’m happy to release a brand new training video: Building an ExpressionEngine Add-on by Lodewijk “Low” Schutte.

Low is the ExpressionEngine Add-on Developer of the Year (awarded by community site devot:ee) and author of several popular add-ons. He’s also a great teacher.

In more than one hour of video, Low walks you through step-by-step how the best practices for building an ExpressionEngine add-on. Take a seat next to one of the best EE add-on developers and learn directly from him.

In the video Low will teach you how to plan, code, and optimize your add-on.

Ready to learn EE add-on development? Get started now.

Streaming Your Videos

by Ryan Irelan

Last month I quietly rolled out a test version of video streaming here at The new feature allows you to stream your purchases right here on the site.

If you have a account and purchased videos, just log in to your account and then choose “Watch Now” next to the video you purchased. You’ll be taken a video page to watch and learn! The videos are still in high definition and you can expand them to full screen or even watch them on your mobile device.

The streaming option is just that: an option. You don’t have to choose it over the downloadable video. Sometimes it might be more convenient to watch on the website and sometimes you might want to watch offline. It’s up to you.


Mijingo Streaming Option Page

Brett Terpstra’s Jekyll Flickr Gallery

by Ryan Irelan

Brett Terpstra put together yet another handy tool: a Flickr image gallery plugin for Jekyll. The plugin is still experimental but a promising way to include photo gallery functionality in your Jekyll site without storing the photos on your site itself.

No mention of if or when he’ll release the plugin.

Ready to learn Jekyll? Check out our comprehensive video Static Websites with Jekyll.

Team Packs are Back!

by Ryan Irelan

Before relaunching our store a couple of months ago, we offered Team Pack licenses for our ExpressionEngine video series, which made it easy to buy a license that allowed you to share the videos with a small team. After the new store launch that option was temporarily on hold.

As of today, multiple license options are back for the ExpressionEngine video series. You can currently choose from the standard license (personal use only), Team Pack (up to 5 people) and Company (up to 25 people). If you need a license beyond those, please contact me for information.

Thanks for using Mijingo to learn something new!

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