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Mijingo on the ATX Web Show

by Ryan Irelan

One late afternoon last week I sat down with Dave Rupert and Travis Swicegood and recorded an episode of the ATX Web Show. The show highlights companies and people in Austin who work on the web.

The three of us talked about what I do at Mijingo, some of the philosophy behind the videos I create and my recent stint on a panel at a local Drupal conference.

We also talked about the text editor experiment that Dave Rupert and I undertook a couple of months ago, in which Dave and I switched code editors for a week.

Go ahead, give it a listen.

Markdown Screencast Now Only $9

by Ryan Irelan

To celebrate the release of the new Jekyll video I permanently reduced the price of the Basics of Markdown video to just $9.

Now you can get both videos for less than $20. Because Jekyll lets you write all of your content in Markdown format, the videos go perfectly together.

New Video: Static Websites with Jekyll

by Ryan Irelan

Today I’m happy to release a brand new training video: Static Websites with Jekyll. The 32 minute video walks you through everything you need to know to get started building websites the Jekyll.

What’s Jekyll?

Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator. It takes a template directory (representing the raw form of a website), runs it through Textile or Markdown and Liquid converters, and spits out a complete, static website suitable for serving with Apache or your favorite web server.

I like Jekyll because it means my writing (at my personal site) is no longer held hostage by software. My content posts are all in plain text files using the Markdown format. There’s no database at all. That means my content is, effectively, future proof. I can take it anywhere and do whatever I want with it. No more data migrations or database exports.

After using Jekyll for my personal site I wanted to share it with you. The 32 minute video is available now and costs only $9. Get it now.

Migrate Your Purchases to Your Mijingo Account

by Ryan Irelan

If you purchased from Mijingo before August 6, 2012, you can now move your purchases over to your free account.

Creating an account offers the following benefits:

  • Access to your downloads whenever you needs, without having to contact support.
  • Complete overview of all of your Mijingo orders.
  • Future account features, like streaming your purchased videos.

How to Move Your Orders

  1. Create a free Mijingo account. It’s quick and easy. Just input your email address and choice of password. If you already have an account, just log in.
  2. Go to the Order Migration Assistant. Make sure you’re logged-in first!
  3. Input your order number (starts with MIJ) and the email address you used for that order. It’s important that you have both.
  4. Your order should be available on your account page.

If you run into any problems migrating your order, please get in touch.


ExpressionEngine 2 Book Updated

by Ryan Irelan

Today a major update to my ExpressionEngine 2 book, ExpressionEngine 2: A Quick-Start Guide, was released by my publisher. This update brings the book in line with the latest version of ExpressionEngine. I did a complete audit of the book and made dozens of changes, including recapturing almost every screenshot.

If you previously purchased the ebook you will automatically get the update. Just sign in to your account at the Pragmatic Programmers website and you can download the update. If you signed up for update notifications, then you should’ve already received one via email or RSS feed.

ExpressionEngine 2: A Quick-Start Guide was the first book on ExpressionEngine 2 and it’s also now the most up-to-date book, providing you with everything you need to know get started using ExpressionEngine.

Whether you’re building a small site or a large corporate undertaking, ExpressionEngine is becoming the tool of choice. With this Quick-Start Guide, you’ll get hands-on experience with ExpressionEngine 2 by building a complete web site from start to finish. You’ll learn techniques and best practices for customizing and optimizing your sites, including working with new ExpressionEngine 2 features, templates, and site search.

Ready to learn ExpressionEngine? Get the book now.

Summer Sale (Ended)

by Ryan Irelan

This sale is now over. Follow Mijingo on Twitter on sign up for our email list at the bottom of the page to learn about upcoming sales!

Summer just started a couple of days ago in the northern hemisphere and it’s already getting hot.

To help cool things down, I’m running a rare sale on everything in the Mijingo store. Here’s the deal: Pick anything in the store that Mijingo sells, punch in the offer code COOLOFF and save yourself a cool 30% off.

Learn Evernote, master the ExpressionEngine CMS, get up to speed on Python, customize OmniFocus or learn how to write Markdown.

Mijingo wants to help you learn something new today. And with 30% off it’s a great time to do that.

Choose something and save.

This sale won’t last long, so don’t wait! Learn something new today.


Python for PHP Developers Updated with Transcript

by Ryan Irelan

Tonight I updated the Python For PHP Developers video download to include a complete transcript of the entire video. The transcript is divided by the video chapters and included as a PDF file.

Going forward I am going to try to add transcripts to as many videos in the current catalogue as possible.

Securing ExpressionEngine Ebooklet Updated

by Ryan Irelan

A long-time favorite of Mijingo customers is Mark Huot’s ebooklet Securing ExpressionEngine 2. The ebooklet was first published in 2010 and is now available with updates and improvements, including a brand new HD version of the bonus video.

In this 30-page ebooklet, ExpressionEngine guru Mark Huot details steps you can take to make your installation of ExpressionEngine even more secure. Mark shares his experience from building dozens of high-profile ExpressionEngine-powered websites.

The new version brings the text up-to-date with the latest version of ExpressionEngine. This is a must-have for anyone building and deploying websites running EE, whether for yourself or for clients.

Securing ExpressionEngine 2 is about 30 pages long and you get the PDF, epub version and the HD video walk-thru for just $10.

Write for Mijingo

by Ryan Irelan

One goal of mine for Mijingo in 2012 is to grow the family of authors. I’m building this small company from scratch and through trial and error I have learned some of the best ways to create and publish video and ebook training online. But I can’t do it all by myself.

I’m looking for smart people with something to teach. You have spent countless hours perfecting your craft and I want to help you teach others. It can be any topic related to the lives of the many web designers, developers and professionals who rely on our training materials to learn something new. Do you want to teach a programming language? A web framework? A core technique? A collection of best practices for Photoshop, Fireworks or other tools? I want to hear from you.

I put together a page of information about writing for Mijingo and what you can expect. So what do you think? Are you ready to join Mijingo as an author?.


Learning ExpressionEngine: Now in HD

by Ryan Irelan

Today, I released an updated version of my popular training series Learning ExpressionEngine in HD sized videos. All eight videos in the series have been completely redone in 1280x720 so you can view them on larger devices, full screen and with more detail.

This update also includes new material on the SafeCracker Module and features an updated version of ExpressionEngine. The best news? The completely redone series is still only $48 for 4 hours of training over 8 high definition videos.

As always, if you have any questions or problems downloading the videos, get in touch on the support page.

What are you waiting for? Learn ExpressionEngine now!

Enjoy the videos!


The LunchWith Series

by Ryan Irelan

Today I’m happy to announce the new LunchWith Series of videos from Mijingo. Grab a sandwich and learn something new with this series. In the time it takes you to eat your lunch, I want to teach you something new about your favorite tools and technologies.

At launch I’m doing something special. The 33 minute Basics of Markdown video is free. You can watch it in its entirety, in HD, right on the product page. Update: the promotion for the free video is now over. The complete tutorial is now available for only $12.

Also part of the series at launch are two videos on the popular task management (and Getting Things Done™) tool OmniFocus:

Customizing OmniFocus: OmniFocus isn’t just flexible in how you configure it to manage your projects, you can also customize how it looks. Part of the LunchWith Series, this 21 minute video covers customizing OmniFocus using Perspectives, Themes and more. Learn how to create your own theme, add custom icons and transform the look of OmniFocus. The video comes with a complete PDF transcript.

Creating Project Templates in OmniFocus: It’s Lunch with OmniFocus! Follow along with this 11 ½ minute video as we learn how to create and user project templates in OmniFocus.

There are a lot more LunchWith videos planned. Do you have an idea for one you’d like to see or perhaps author yourself? Get in touch!

Thanks for supporting Mijingo,


Learning ExpressionEngine for Teams

by Ryan Irelan

After several requests for bulk purchases of the Learning ExpressionEngine 2 series, I added the option to purchase a Team Pack, which allows you to share the videos with up to 5 team members in your company.

Up until this offering, the screencasts were only offered with individual licenses, which meant each person had to buy their own copy. This could become annoying when a team leader wanted to supply her entire small team with the videos so they could get up and running quickly with ExpressionEngine. The Team Pack is offers a discount on the videos, so you save a little when buying them all at once.

Thanks for learning with Mijingo,


Welcome to Our Blog

by Ryan Irelan

Sure, it’s already 2011 and we’re just now getting a blog. This site has always been about adding stuff only when necessary and trying to keep the focus (time and effort) on creating new learning materials on ExpressionEngine and beyond.

Speaking of that…I’m going to keep this short because I do have some videos in the works. While you’re here, please subscribe to the feed and follow us on Twitter, so you don’t miss out on the latest news and announcements from Mijingo.

Thanks for reading,


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