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Live Stream: Craft Plugin Development

by Ryan Irelan

On Wednesday I’m putting myself in the hot seat.

I’m meeting up with Andrew Welch of nystudio107 (developer of SEOmatic and other Craft plugins) for a live stream where we’ll review one or two of my Craft plugins.

Andrew will be frank about my code and along the way we’ll:

  • discuss what I could do differently in my code,
  • how to take a plugin I developed for a project and get it ready for public distribution,
  • and ideas and tips for people new to Craft plugin development (and those new to plugin development in general).

During the live stream we’ll have a chat room going so you can ask questions in real time and we can answer them.

This live stream is meant for current plugin developers, struggling plugin developers, and those who think they aren’t good enough to create their own plugin.

It takes place on Wednesday February 28th at 12PM CST (check your timezone).

We’ve only 100 seats for this so hit the button below to register for the live stream. See you there!

Watch Ryan in the Hot Seat

Learn Craft Commerce

by Ryan Irelan

It used to be that doing e-commerce work was something I would talk a client out of or offload to another company or a hosted platform. I didn’t want to touch it. At all. Too much risk. But this caused me to lose business and it usually meant a less-than-ideal solution for my clients or customers. Thankfully, the e-commerce solutions have gotten a lot better.

One those solutions is Craft Commerce, a first party plugin for the Craft CMS.

With tools like Craft Commerce, most web developers can put together a powerful and flexible e-commerce system for any website. And the store is hosted right on the website, not on some third party platform you can’t control.

In my full-length course Fundamentals of Craft Commerce I teach you everything you need to know to get started using Craft Commerce.


This new course follows the same proven learning process you expect from my Mijingo courses. By the end of the course you will be ready to implement your first e-commerce website!

Start the Course for Free

Start a Course for Free

by Ryan Irelan

I just released a new feature that allows anyone (no account needed) to start a course for absolutely free. Now you can sample a course before committing to it.

How does this work?

Courses that have “free starts” are identified with a blue button on the course page.

Free Start

Click the button and you’re brought to a page that lists all of the parts of the course. If you’ve already learned with Mijingo then this page looks familiar to you.

Available videos are in orange. Click on one to start streaming the course.

Accessing free videos

At any time you can go back to the course page and purchase the entire course and keep on learning. It’s that simple!

This isn’t rolled out for all courses yet but there are several that have free starts, including the most popular courses here at Mijingo, like the Intermediate Git course or the new Web Performance Testing course.

Enjoy the “free starts”!

A Guide to Flexbox Basics

by Ryan Irelan

This lesson helps establish a basic understanding of a few core pieces of Flexbox (or Flexible Box Layout, which is its full name): Flex Container, Main Axis, Cross Axis, and more.

Flexbox is…

  • a specification from the CSS3 Working Group that allows you more control over positioning of elements inside of a parent container.
  • gaining support in browser, with almost all major browsers supporting the latest spec, but one notable one still behind.
  • an easier, faster, and more reliable way to handle precise layouts.

Learn all about Flexbox in this free Lesson.

Watch the Lesson

Special Sale: Craft Starter Pack 50% off

by Ryan Irelan

This sale has ended. But you can still get both courses in the Starter Pack for 10% off!

In conjunction with my friends at Pixel & Tonic, I am celebrating the release of Craft 2.5 by temporarily marking down the price of the Craft CMS Starter Pack by 50%.

Yes, you heard that right. 50% off. Get started learning Craft for only $49.99.

I like to call this Starter Pack the one-two punch for learning Craft. Now you get more punch for your money.

Wait, maybe I should put it another way.

Regardless, the Craft Starter Pack is on sale starting now.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • About 5 ½ hours of professional training videos
  • 21 separate videos
  • Code downloads so you can follow along
  • Streaming or download access to all videos (forever)
  • The knowledge you need to get started building websites with Craft.

Important Note: The next update to the Learning Craft course (the first course in the Starter Pack) will be free for everyone. What I am saying is you should get this now because it’s a helluva deal.

I want to save $50

ExpressionEngine Courses Price Reduced

by Ryan Irelan

Last week EllisLab released ExpressionEngine 3, the latest major update to the CMS. You can read more about this update on their blog.

The new version sports a brand new control panel interface, a revamped add-on development framework, and other changes.

However, the templating system is the same and how you structure and build your websites on ExpressionEngine should not fundamentally change.

My ExpressionEngine tutorials and courses are still useful because of the fundamentals they teach. However, some of them will be more challenging to follow along with because the Control Panel is different.

This doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them but it does mean it might be a little bit of extra work.

Because of that I’ve slashed the price on courses by up to 60%. For example, you can get the Learning ExpressionEngine course for only $20 (normally $49.99).

Quite the deal.

I’ll have more updates in the future about updates to the course (or, most likely, a brand new course) to cover ExpressionEngine 3.

If you want the course, please email me to let me know. If there’s high demand I’ll move it up on my list.

Back to School Sale: Save 30%

by Ryan Irelan

This doesn’t happen often. I just knocked the prices down by 30% on a bunch of courses in the catalog.

It’s become an annual tradition to have a little Back to School Sale each year just as the kids head back to school after Summer break here in the northern hemisphere.

So, we’re doing it again. There’s no coupon to remember. You’ll see the prices already knocked down for some courses.

It’s the perfect way to get started learning something new and meeting your year-end learning goals.

Browse the courses and see what’s on sale.

Ryan on ALA: On Air Panel

by Ryan Irelan

This coming Tuesday, August 25, 2015, I will be on the ALA: On Air panel all about content management systems.

CMSes help and hinder; they inspire rapture and incite table-flipping. I’m thrilled to moderate the next ALA: On Air event, where Karen McGrane, Jeff Eaton, and Ryan Irelan will join me to discuss what they love about working in CMSes (administrative UX!), what drives them to frustration (decoupling!), and what meaty problems (integration with design systems!) they hope to dive into next.

The panel will cover a handful of topics, including decoupling systems and headless CMSes.

If you work with CMSes at all, this is the must see panel. It’s free, online, and if I do my job, fun and informative.

Learn more about the event and then register to attend.

See you there!

One-on-One Coaching with Ryan

by Ryan Irelan

I am offering a new opportunity when you purchase the Learning ExpressionEngine course: one or two one-on-one sessions with me to discuss specific questions about ExpressionEngine, your project, your development work, or anything you’d like.

The one-on-one sessions are easy to add right when you purchase the course (choose one or two sessions from the drop-down) and I’ll follow up via email to schedule your session.

Get started learning ExpressionEngine with one-on-one coaching.

Git Tutorials Page

by Ryan Irelan

I created a single page that collects all of the Git learning resources here at Mijingo.

It includes both video courses, the new online workshop, and all of the articles I’ve posted here on the blog.

Go to the Git page

New Online Workshop: Git: Under the Hood

by Ryan Irelan

On May 27, 2015 I’m teaching a live, online workshop called Git: Under the Hood.

This is a three-hour workshop covering the innards of Git and some workflow best practices to help you use Git better. If you already use Git but want to know more about how it works under the hood–the Git “plumbing”–and some powerful workflow tools and commands you can use immediately, this workshop is for you.

The workshop takes place on May 25th 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM CDT.

In order for this to be as personal as possible (so I can answer a lot of questions), I have to limit the attendance. If you think you want to attend, I wouldn’t wait too long to enroll.

Enroll in the Workshop

Ryan Irelan on Education Hackers Podcast

by Ryan Irelan

I was a guest on the Education Hackers podcast with Steve Atwal.

Steve and I talked about how I get started creating courses, my ExpressionEngine video course, and how I create courses for Mijingo.

Listen to the entire episode

Ryan at Peers Conference 2015

by Ryan Irelan

On April 30th, in Philadelphia, I’m teaching a workshop on Git version control at Peers Conference.

The workshop is called “Git: Under the Hood” and is a three-hour extravaganza that will cover intermediate-to-advanced information about how to use Git to work faster and smarter.

I’d be delighted (and you’ll learn a lot) if you attend both my workshop and the conference. You can get two half-day workshops and a two-day conference pass for only $499. Three full days of great information.

A bit about Peers, for those of you new to it:

We’re a different kind of conference. One where you’ll hear from folks you know, and some new voices you don’t. We bring together developers, designers and web business owners to share their knowledge and experiences. (And have some fun, too.) Whether you’re a pixel-pusher, an artisan or a maker, Peers is for you. Let’s do something awesome, together.

Go register and reserve your space!

Pay Your Electric Bill with Mijingo

by Ryan Irelan

Mijingo Partner Program Screenshot

You like a Mijingo course. You want to share that course with others: your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or in a sidebar of your blog or website. Now you can do that and earn some money along the way.

How? The Mijingo Partner Program.

When you enroll in the Mijingo Partner Program, you get personalized course-specific URLs that you can use to share the courses with others. Every time somebody uses your course URL to create a new account and purchase a course you will get credit for that purchase.

To kick things off, the Mijingo Partner Program is a offering 25% commission on every new customer purchase.

Here’s video walk-through of how to sign up and get started:

The Mijingo Partner Program is a great way to share courses with people who want to learn something new about web design, web development, or CMS implementation, while earning yourself a little bit of money to help pay your next electric bill (if your summers are anything like they are here in Austin, every little bit counts).

Enjoy the Partner Program and let me know if you have any questions by just emailing me at

More information about the Mijingo Partner Program

CMS Chronicles: WordPress and Statamic

by Ryan Irelan

There are two new episodes of the CMS Chronicles available now:

Both were great conversations with two people doing very interesting work with the respective CMSes.

Justin Krause uses Statamic to build and run all of the content (and marketing) sites for Asana.

Rachel Baker is a full-stack developer at 10up and active in the WordPress development community. She’s also working on the new WP-API, which will eventually be part of WordPress itself.

More episodes coming soon, so subscribe to the feed or bookmark the page.

You can also keep up by following Mijingo on Twitter.

Ryan Interviewed for Front-end Development Newsletter

by Ryan Irelan

I was recently interviewed for the Front-end Development Newsletter, a weekly email chock full of links and info. It’s run by Alex Carpenter and a great way to stay on top of front-end dev.

Alex asked me about learning and, well, I might’ve jumped up on my soapbox. Here’s a shred from the interview:

No one can learn well without a way to apply the information they’re reading or watching. I know some people say they’re theoretical learners and others are applied learners but the fact is everyone is an applied learner. Even in theoretical disciplines you’re still applying that information to problems.

Read the entire interview and I encourage you to subscribe to Alex’s weekly email.

Podcast on CMSes

by Ryan Irelan

I’m a bit of a CMS wonk. I like hearing about them, talking about them, and using them. That should come as no surprise.

Now available is a new, limited series podcast on content management systems.

It’s called CMS Chronicles and serves as a way to introduce you to the most popular web CMSes and the people using them.

The podcast kicks off with two episodes; one on Drupal with Jeff Eaton and one on Jekyll with Brett Terpstra.

More episodes coming weekly. Enjoy!

How to Learn with Your Team (or your company)

by Ryan Irelan

Learning in groups is fun and effective. You have someone to ask questions about the material, help troubleshoot code or design, and to compare work as you go through a course.

Most courses here at Mijingo are also available for teams (up to 5 people) and companies (up to 25 people), in addition to individual use.

When you purchase a team or company version of the course, you can then share it among the your co-workers–only having to download the files once–and learn together.

To purchase a team or company license, just choose the license type from the drop-down menu under the price. It’s that simple!

View our courses and get started learning with your team.

OmniFocus Tutorials Now Free

by Ryan Irelan

Yesterday, The OmniGroup announced that their popular productivity/task manager application OmniFocus will be updated to 2.0 in June. The new version is a major update in terms of look and functionality. I’m running the beta and it is a nice improvement.

I plan to update my OmniFocus videos when the new version is out. Until then I’ve made the current courses for OmniFocus 1 completely free.

Just add them to your cart and check out like usual. The only difference is you pay nothing!

What We’re Working On

by Ryan Irelan

Right now I am working on updating some existing courses:

Both courses are still excellent introductions to these systems but there have been changes in the software that I’d like to capture in the courses.

To keep updated on the planned courses, bookmark the Upcoming Courses and Training page.

Next Page

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