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Sublime Text Tips and Plugins

by Ryan Irelan

Magnus Gyllenswärd of Thoughtbot did a short overview of some of the features and plugins he uses and likes in Sublime Text as part of his Thoughtbot Lunchtime Lightning presentation.

Here are some of the things he covers:

  • Fetch - fetch remote files from anywhere
  • Gist from condemil, create and edit Gists.
  • Less Tabs from Web Artisan. Remove tabs that you haven’t used in a while.
  • Emmet - Official plugin for Sublime Text for writing markup faster.
  • Multiple cursors - a flagship feature of Sublime Text. Memorize this if you don’t know it already.
  • Sublime Text Projects - a feature I don’t really use but probably should!
  • Can I Use plugin, that lets you highlight a property and see its support on

By the way, if your company doesn’t do lunch time talks where you share information and techniques internally, I strongly encourage it. Whether you call them Lunchtime Lightning talks, Lunch ‘n’ Learns—as they were at my previous company—or no name at all, these gatherings are a way to rapidly transfer knowledge among team members. Very valuable!

(Link via Gabe at Macdrifter)

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