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The Slowest Git Commit in the World

by Ryan Irelan

In Git there’s the concept of “porcelain” commands and “plumbing” commands.

This obvious allusion to the toilet and its two types of interfaces. The simple, yet functional, porcelain. You interface with it and get the job done.

Behind the scenes is the plumbing. This does the dirty work of completing the job.

In Git, we have the same thing. The porcelain commands are the commands that you’ll typically use from the command line. git commit, etc.

The plumbing commands are the low level commands that make up the Git system. They are the commands that do the, uh, dirty work, and make your repository track and manage files and changes.

In this video, follow along as Ryan uses Git plumbing commands to manually hash, create and commit objects in Git.

We’ll start off by creating a new directory for our project and initializing a fresh repository.

And we’ll end up with the slowest Git commit in the world.

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