CMS Chronicles

A limited series audio chronicle of the most popular content management systems on the web. Learn about how people use CMSes like WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Craft, Jekyll, and more.

Statamic with Justin Krause

Justin Krause of Asana kindly stepped away from part of his day to talk to me about Statamic and how they use it for the marketing and content sites at Asana.

Statamic is a flat file, database-less CMS. All of the website data, settings, and content are stored in files.

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ExpressionEngine with Matt Weinberg and Anna Brown

I had two conversations for this installment. I talked to Matt Weinberg and Anna Brown.

Matt Weinberg is the Co-founder and President of Technology and Development at Vector Media Group in New York City. Matt has been working with ExpressionEngine for years and has used EE as the main technology for his client work.

Anna Brown runs MediaGirl, Inc., a one-person company that does front-end and CMS implementation development for agencies. Anna plays an important role in the EE community through her help creating and advocating the ExpressionEngine StackExchange website.

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Drupal with Jeff Eaton

Jeff Eaton is a Senior Digital Strategist at Lullabot, one of the premiere agencies specializing in Drupal customization and development. Jeff carefully, clearly, and expertly talks through the Drupal landscape with insights of someone with nearly a decade of experience working on the system.

Show Notes

Here’s what Jeff and I covered during the discussion:

Jekyll with Brett Terpstra

A conversation with Brett Terpstra about the static site generator Jekyll. Brett uses Jekyll for his personal site and has many complex modifications and customizations that allow it to work with his workflow.

Brett takes Jekyll customization to whole new level. During our conversation he reveals just exactly what that means. We also talk about who Jekyll is for, how it works, and the basics of getting up and running with it.

Want to learn Jekyll and start building static websites? Mijingo’s Static Websites with Jekyll course teaches you everything you need.

Show Notes

The links and information mentioned during the discussion with Brett.