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A complete, professional video learning series on Craft CMS
so you can quickly start building Craft-powered websites.

80 videos, 8+ hours of learning, 5 courses

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Craft is a powerful and flexible CMS that takes a content-first approach. Need a primer on using Craft before embarking on your first site build? This course bundle is for you.

This bundle is made up of 5 professional courses. Put together they create the fastest, most reliable way to go from zero to building Craft-powered websites.

My courses use example sites so you can apply what you're learning as you learn it.

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A quick tour of what's included in Craft Essentials

Hi, I'm Ryan Irelan.

I'm a teacher, web developer, and former VP Technology. I spend my days in Austin, TX researching, writing, teaching, and consulting. I've been publishing video courses since 2008 and I've taught thousands of web developers and designers since then. I've been hired to teach developers at NASA, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, University of Chicago, and more.

I've been using Craft CMS since it was still in private beta in late 2012. I have real world experience building websites with Craft, including customizing them with Craft plugins.

What are our customers saying?

"I bought your Craft Starter Pack a year and a half ago. Worth every dollar. In fact, I would've paid twice as much for it, because you saved me so much time."
Timothy Ingram
"Been enjoying @mijingo 's Learning Craft video tutorials. Feeling like I've got a good basic understanding of #craftcms Very impressive"
Laura Montgomery
"Just purchased your Flexible Twig course. Love it!"
Tyler Morrison

Included Courses

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What You'll Learn

My courses are professionally produced and written so you don't waste any time learning with sub-par material. There's plenty of that out there—this isn't it.

Craft Essentials teaches you the most basics about Craft as well as some advanced techniques and topics. It is designed to give you a "soup to nuts" education on Craft CMS. Take the time to learn it and you'll be more valuable to you customers, clients, or company in about 15 hours of work.

Here's what's covered in the included courses:

  • How to install Craft CMS 2 & 3
  • Using Composer to install Craft 3
  • Running Craft CMS locally (easier for development)
  • Securing Craft
  • How to effectively plan site sections & fields based on your content
  • Handling Uploaded Assets & Image Resizing
  • Using the Matrix Field for flexible content
  • Using categories in Craft
  • How to create relationships between entries
  • How Craft stores templates, and routes requests to templates.
  • Dynamic routes
  • Introduction to Twig and the Twig syntax, including how it compares to PHP.
  • The three different types of Twig tags.
  • How Craft and Twig work together
  • Sharing templates in Craft using extends, include, and embed tags.
  • Review additional include tags provided by Craft.
  • Use Filters in Craft to manipulate data stored in a variable.
  • Create reusable and customizable markup using macros.
  • Output raw code using the verbatim tag.
  • Set up Craft navigation using the nav tag.
  • Set up Craft pagination use the paginate tag.
  • What Control Flow is and how we use it in our Twig templates
  • The two types of Control Flow
  • The Control Flow options available in Twig
  • How to use each Control Flow option in a basic way and more complex way.
  • Simulate break in Twig
  • Use the Continue and Break plugin for Craft CMS.
  • How to create a truly flexible set of templates so you can reuse your code

Craft Essentials Options

Questions & Answers

Do I get to keep the courses forever?

Yes. Once your purchases the Craft Essentials bundle, you get access to all of the courses forever.

How long until I can start using the videos?

Once you checkout, you get immediate access to the courses.

Are there code samples or a example site available to download?

Yes. Some of the courses have downloads for sample sites and code examples. They will be listed alongside the course videos.

Can I download the videos in each course?

Yes. The primary way of watching is by streaming but there's a download link under each video.

What if I think your courses stink?

My students are almost always very satisfied. Rarely does someone ask for a refund. However, if you're unsatisfied, email me and let me know.

Do you do in-person training for teams?

Yes. Email me to learn more about my classroom offerings.