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Git Essentials

A complete, professional video learning series on Git version control
so you can quickly start using Git for your web development projects.

40+ videos, 6 hours of learning, 4 courses

Fundamentals & Best Practices

Have you been unsure about adding version control to your web design and development workflow? Are your co-workers already using it and you aren't sure exactly what you're doing (or afraid of messing something up)?

Git Essentials is a bundle of video courses aimed at helping you learn the fundamentals and best practices of using Git version control in your web development projects.

The material in these courses have been used by hundreds of students, including software engineers at NASA.

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Ryan shares what's covered in Git Essentials

Hi, I'm Ryan Irelan.

I'm a teacher, web developer, and former VP Technology. I spend my days in Austin, TX researching, writing, teaching, and consulting. I've been publishing video courses since 2008 and I've taught thousands of web developers and designers since then. I've been hired to teach developers at NASA, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, University of Chicago, and more. I'm also Amazon AWS certified.

I've been using Git for years, having helped implement in a web agency. I have real world experience using Git on large projects with large teams.

What are our customers saying?

"Thank you Ryan, well done!"
David Baker
"Just what I was looking for, thanks a mil!"
Deek Design
"I really appreciate all the videos and writing you have done. Your work has given me a jump start on my front end development business."
Shan Ricciardi

Included Courses

What You'll Learn

My courses are professionally produced and written so you don't waste any time learning with subpar material. There's plenty of that out there—this isn't it.

Git Essentials teaches you the fundamentals of using Git version control as well as some advanced techniques and topics. It is designed to give you a "soup to nuts" education on Git. Take the time to learn it and you'll be more vaulable to you customers, clients, or company in about 4-6 hours of work.

Here's what's covered in the included courses:

  • What Git is and why you should use it.
  • Learn basics of how Git works
  • The pieces of Git that make up your workflow
  • A sample workflow with Git, including information on branching and merging.
  • All of the basic git commands you need to know.
  • Merging and branching repositories in Git.
  • Connecting to remote repositories.
  • Why you should learn Git on the command line
  • Examples of GUI apps to help you use Git
  • Using hosted Git services like Beanstalk, GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket.
  • Practical workflow tools in Git that make using Git easier and faster.
  • How to review repository history with git-log
  • Use git-merge to combine changes in branches
  • Temporarily store changes using git-stash
  • Tag a point in time in the repository using git-tag
  • What to do when things go wrong (and they will occassionally)
  • Undo commits and changes with git-revert and git-reset
  • Find where a problem was introduced using git-bisect
  • And a lot more!

Git Essentials Videos

Up and Running with Git

Git: The Next Steps

Git: Under the Hood

Git Extras

Git Essentials Options

Git Essentials Basic

The basic bundle of the two fundamentals courses plus Extras. A great way to learn everything you need to know about Git, including how to create workflows, fix problems, and collaborate with others. This bundle includes:

  • Up and Running with Git
  • Git: The Next Steps
  • Git Extras
  • Full, forever access to both streaming and downloads.
  • Access to all slides, assets, and more.

Git Essentials Complete

Everything in the Basic bundle plus Git: Under the Hood. The best option for a complete learning experience for Git version control. Plus, become an mechanic by learning how Git works under the hood.

  • Up and Running with Git, Git: The Next Steps, and Git Extras
  • Full, forever access to both streaming and downloads.
  • Access to all slides, assets, and more.
  • Immediate access to everything in both courses. Get started learning in just a few minutes!
  • Access to my nerdy Git: Under the Hood course ($29.99 value).

Git Essentials Expert

Everything in first two bundles plus a one-hour phone call with Ryan to answer your questions about Git and get help.

  • Immediate access to Up and Running with Git, Git: The Next Steps, Git Extras, and Git: Under the Hood
  • Full, forever access to both streaming and downloads.
  • Access to all slides, assets, and more.
  • One-hour personal training call (you pick the topic!).

Questions & Answers

Do I get to keep the courses forever?

Yes. Once your purchases the Git Essentials bundle, you get access to all of the courses forever.

How long until I can start using the videos?

Once you checkout, you get immediate access to the courses.

Will you update or add to the courses?

Yes. As I have new material to add or update I will add new videos. Git is a very stable system, so what you learn today will serve you well for years to come.

Can I download the videos in each course?

Yes. The primary way of watching is by streaming but there's a download link under each video.

What if I don't like your courses?

My students are almost always very statisfied. Rarely does someone ask for a refund. However, if you're unsatisfied, email me and let me know.

Do you do in-person training for teams?

Yes. Review my Git training page or email me to learn more about my classroom offerings.