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ExpressionEngine 2: A Quick-Start Guide

by Ryan Irelan

Published by The Pragmatic Programmers, this is Ryan's full-length book on ExpressionEngine 2. Hands-on examples and expert advice guide you through the process of building a website from beginning to end in ExpressionEngine 2. Get inspired to build amazing websites with ExpressionEngine. Learn more


Course description

ExpressionEngine 2: A Quick-Start Guide gives you hands-on experience building websites with the brand new ExpressionEngine 2. Throughout the book you’ll learn the basic skills and advanced techniques of ExpressionEngine development.

Topics covered include efficient template building, site optimization, conditionals, template code reuse, creating relationships between entries, managing files and assets, sharing data between templates and more.

Reasons to Buy the Book

  • Step-by-step instructions show you the entire process of building a website in ExpressionEngine 2.
  • Learn advanced techniques that will put you on the path of becoming an ExpressionEngine 2 ninja.
  • It’s the only book that exclusively covers the brand new ExpressionEngine 2 software.

Whether you’re a web designer, web developer, or web master, this book will get you up to speed quickly building sites with ExpressionEngine 2. Buy the book now.

(This book is sold through Pragmatic Programmers and is not available to purchase directly from this website. You may also find this book in your favorite bookstore’s website or store.)

What is the difficulty level?


This book is beginner level introduction to ExpressionEngine 2. No previous experience with ExpressionEngine is required. You should be familiar with the basics of building website (HTML, CSS and FTP).

Where can I buy this book?

The book is published by Pragmatic Programmers and therefore isn't available directly from Mijingo. Follow the "Buy Now" button above to purchase the e-book.

Does this book only cover ExpressionEngine 2?

Yes. The book builds a website from beginning to end in ExpressionEngine 2.

What if I have a suggestion?

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