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Craft Starter Pack

by Ryan Irelan

A two-course bundle to get you started building websites with Craft 2. It's the 1-2 punch for learning the Craft CMS. Boom, boom. Learn more

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Course description

Are you new to Craft and want to get ramped up quickly on how to build websites with the Craft CMS?

Grab this two-course bundle and you’ll have 4 ½ hours of learning that will give you the information you need to start building sites for yourself, your company, or your clients. Both courses use sample projects, have streaming or downloadable course videos, and more.

Here’s what you’ll learn with this course bundle:

Learning Craft

In 2 ½ hours of HD video, watch as Ryan builds a website in the brand new Craft CMS. Learning Craft consists of 3 videos and covers everything from installation to asset management to templating. Need a primer on using Craft? This video is for you. Learn more about this course

Twig Templates in Craft

In this course you will get a comprehensive overview of working with Twig templates in Craft. The goal is to get over the hump of writing Twig code, dispel any myth that using Twig is difficult, and help you take the next step in using Craft. Learn more about this course

$119.98 $98.98

What is the difficulty level?


This course bundle is mostly made up of fundamentals material to help you get started with the Craft CMS. It has two premium courses on Craft.

Can I buy just one instead of all of them?

Absolutely. Just click on the more information link by each course description and you'll be brought to the course page. There you can add an individual course to your cart.

What if I need to use them with my co-workers?

There is a Team Pack available, which allows you to share the course with up to 5 people in your company or the Company option, which allows you to use the course with up to 25 people.

What if I have a suggestion?

We love feedback about our training materials. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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