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Securing ExpressionEngine 2

by Mark Huot

Dissecting the ins and outs of today's most popular publishing platform. From the server to the application, Mark Huot will get you on track whether you're a casual user or an experienced add-on developer. Read the full description


Course description

Legacy content for ExpressionEngine 2

In this 30-page ebooklet, ExpressionEngine guru Mark Huot details steps you can take to make your installation of ExpressionEngine even more secure. Mark shares his experience from building dozens of high-profile ExpressionEngine-powered websites.

What You’ll Learn

Mark’s ebooklet is a must-read for everyone working with ExpressionEngine 2. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn.

  • Secure your EE 2 install so your important application files (and your passwords) are safe from the public.
  • Structure your EE 2 installation to be flexible and friendly.
  • Safely use custom queries in your templates.
  • Expertly set up your ExpressionEngine security settings.

Securing ExpressionEngine 2 by Mark Huot is a must-have reference for everyone using ExpressionEngine 2.

Free HD Screencast Included

Also included with the ebooklet is a free, 4-minute screencast covering one of techniques Mark covers in his ebooklet. In this short video you’ll watch as we take a standard EE 2 installation and secure it.

A Short Excerpt

Here’s a short excerpt from the ebooklet.

As of this writing, ExpressionEngine is a solid system without any major security flaws. But, as is the case with any customizable system, with each modification you make, there is the risk of introducing a flaw. In essence, EE’s greatest feature, its extensibility, is also its greatest flaw.

Generally, there are two areas to focus on when examining an ExpressionEngine install for weak points. They are the filesystem and the database. The filesystem, holds all your hard work, template modifications, custom add-ons and sensitive configuration files, while the database holds your client’s hard work. If there are two areas to look at protecting, it’s these two.


What is the difficulty level?


This ebooklet is for anyone using ExpressionEngine 2. It is perfect for both new and experienced users.

How long is it?

The ebooklet is about 30 pages.

What formats does the book come in?

Every customer will receive the book in PDF and epub formats. Additionally, there is a short demonstration screencast included.

What if I have a suggestion?

We love feedback about our training materials. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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