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Video Course

Basecamp Essentials

by Ryan Irelan

Basecamp is a powerful project management and collaboration tool. Thousands of companies use it. Basecamp Essentials is the definitive guide to getting starting managing your projects with Basecamp. Read the full description


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What's in this Course?

Basecamp can manage any type of project: website redesign, community event, personal projects, corporate initiatives, construction projects, and a lot more. There’s really nothing it can’t handle.

You can make your projects happen on-time with Basecamp’s powerful features. To-do lists keep you honest about what needs to be done. Team discussions ensure everyone is on the same page. Collaborative text documents help you write guidelines, press releases, documentation or white papers. The Basecamp project calendar helps you assign deadlines and milestones to everything.

But all of these pieces need to work together. And you need to know how they all work together. That’s where Basecamp Essentials comes in.

  • Basecamp is an amazing project management tool, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. These Mijingo videos are helpful not only to the people who use the tool to manage, but to the ones who will get the most out of Basecamp’s collaboration capabilities.

    Brett Harned, VP of Project Management, Happy Cog

Basecamp Essentials is a unique two-part course.

Part one will teach the essentials of project management and collaboration using Basecamp as a project manager. You will learn to set up teams, to-dos, text documents, calendars, and more.

Part two of the course covers the essentials for your team members who will use Basecamp as part of their project process.

For Project Managers

The Managing Basecamp video course walks you through how to set up a project in Basecamp from signing up for an account all the way to creating project templates.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Overview of the different pieces of Basecamp
  • Setting up Basecamp for your project team, organization or company
  • Creating new projects, setting permissions and inviting new project collaborators
  • Managing messages through copy, move, and delete
  • Archiving old projects
  • Creating and managing calendars, including how to subscribe to calendars in your own calendar software like Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook
  • Saving time by creating and using Project Templates in Basecamp
  • Using the Basecamp iOS app for project management on the go

For Project Collaborators

The Using Basecamp video course is for you if you are not a Basecamp administrator but are being asked to use Basecamp as part of the project on which you’re working. The video starts with the email invitation you receive and covers all of the aspects of Basecamp, so you can quickly jump in and be an effective project collaborator.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create and customize your Basecamp account
  • Creating & editing project discussion messages
  • Looping in someone outside the project
  • Uploading, tagging, and viewing Files in Basecamp
  • Creating to-do lists and to-dos
  • Using text documents to write and collaborate on project materials
  • Creating calendars, calendar events, and subscribing to calendars in your own calendar software, like Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Creating Basecamp content (message, to-dos, files, text documents) by email
  • Using Basecamp on the go with the Basecamp iOS app

Need to share the video course with others on your team? Using our team pack or company pack, this two-part course will bring your entire team up to speed.


What is the difficulty level?


What is the difficulty level?

This course is a beginner level introduction to Basecamp, a cloud project management tool by 37Signals. No previous experience with Basecamp is required.

How many videos are there?

There are 2 videos in this course.

...and how long is each video?

The videos are about 30 minutes each, for a total of 70 minutes of action-packed, fun-filled, project-managing learning. Oh, that's right.

Do I need a Basecamp account?

Yes. We cover all the details of signing up for a Basecamp account in the Managing Basecamp video. 37signals offers free trials and you can use the trial to follow along with the video.

What if I need to use them with my co-workers?

There is a Team Pack available, which allows you to share the course with up to 5 people in your company or the Company option, which allows you to use the course with up to 25 people. You can choose the proper license when you add the course to your cart.

What if I have a suggestion?

We love feedback about our training materials. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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