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Video Course

Basics of Markdown

by Ryan Irelan

Create portable, styled documents with Markdown, a simple-to-use markup language for web writing and more. In this 33 minute video, learn the syntax and the tools you can use to create beautiful Markdown documents. Read the full description


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What's in this Course?

Markdown is a lightweight formatting language for text files created by John Gruber . Why does it matter? Well, text files are more flexible across different operating systems and software applications. You can open a text file just about anywhere. So in our world of laptops, iPhones, smartphones and Microsoft Word, TextEdit, TextMate, Scrivener and more, the text file is about as universal as you can get.

By using Markdown you can format my document while keeping it plain text. And, using some simple tools, you can easily export your Markdown text files as PDF or HTML files.

Markdown gives you the best of both worlds: you can use flexible text files that will open anywhere but also deliver fully formatted documents on the web or offline, like people expect.

Over the course of this video, you will learn the basics of Markdown, how it works and some of the tools you can use.


What is the difficulty level?


This video is a beginner level introduction to using Markdown for creating documents for the web and offline.

How long is the training video?

This video is 33 minutes of solid information on writing Markdown and the tools you can use.

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