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Video Course

Craft Plugin Development

by Ben Croker

Your guide to customizing Craft 2 by building your first plugin. Read the full description


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What's in this Course?

This course covers building plugins for Craft CMS version 2

The first step in learning how to develop plugins for the Craft CMS.

In this video course, plugin developer Ben Croker will guide you through the concepts necessary to build your first Craft 2 plugin.

But this isn’t just a boring list of instructions. You will learn, step-by-step, how to build a working plugin called Entry Count.

Learn now, reference later

The course is broken up into small, absorbable chunks so you can learn in small increments and easily reference the material later. You’ll pull this course off the shelf from time to time to help you work through a problem during plugin development.

Here’s a video where Ben explains what the course covers:

Update Resources

There’s a bonus video on the most current information on moving your plugin to Craft 3 (still in beta, release date unknown).

Here’s what else you get with the course:

  • All videos to both stream and download,
  • PDF version of slides used in the course
  • Final version of the Entry Count plugin so you can compare your work.

An experienced teacher

Ben will get you from not knowing how to develop plugins to having your first plugin done and working! He’s an experienced teacher that clearly explains how you can start creating plugins for Craft.

Take it from Ben’s previous students:

Ben’s knowledge of Craft combined with his relaxed and informal teaching style makes for a great learning experience. -Steve Abraham

Ben is great at taking a complex subject and breaking it down in a way that you can wrap your mind around. I thought that plugin development was something I would never understand, and happily Ben proved me wrong! -Jonathan Melville

Ben’s teaching methods were really easy to follow. He’s enthusiastic and cares about his work, which really comes through in his teaching style. He was patient, and gave great examples to make complicated principles seems straightforward. -Daryl Knight

Is this course right for you?

The course is intermediate level. We assume you:

  • have PHP experience,
  • are familiar with Craft and the Twig templating engine,
  • are ready to build your first plugin for Craft,
  • want to increase the type of work you can do take on by knowing how to customize Craft.

Original music “Sounds Like Bruce!” by Chick Quest


What is the difficulty level?


This is a course that teaches PHP developers how to develop plugins for the Craft CMS.

How long is the course?

The course is about 1 hour and 30 minutes long and broken up into 17 different videos so you can easily learn from and reference the material.

Are the code examples and slides available?

Yes. The complete sample plugin code and slides from the course are available along with the course videos.

What are the videos and topics covered?

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparation
  3. Entry Count Plugin
  4. Core Concepts
  5. Plugin Specification
  6. Setting Things Up
  7. Plugin Settings
  8. Records
  9. Models
  10. Services
  11. Template Variables
  12. Controllers
  13. Hooks & Events
  14. Element Actions
  15. Translations
  16. Logging & Debugging
  17. Advanced Class Naming
  18. Plugins in Craft 3

What if I have a suggestion?

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