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Video Course

Building an ExpressionEngine Add-on

by Lodewijk "Low" Schutte

ExpressionEngine Add-on Developer of the Year Lodewijk Schutte teaches you how he develops his award-winning plugins, modules and extensions. In more than one hour of video, Low walks you step-by-step through his add-on development process. Read the full description

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What's in this Course?

This course covers add-on development for ExpressionEngine 2.

Low Schutte has been developing for ExpressionEngine for seven years and now he wants to show you how he plans and code his add-ons. Take a seat next to one of the best and most popular ExpressionEngine add-on developers and learn the best practices of ExpressionEngine add-on development.

  • This is the clearest, most complete explanation I’ve ever heard regarding add-on development. Low explains methods, classes, parameters, tagdata, and what ExpressionEngine is doing under the hood in a way I wish someone had explained to me years ago.

    Ryan Masuga

In this video tutorial Low shows you how to:

  • Plan your add-on
  • Create the directory structure for your add-on package
  • Create a database schema for the add-on
  • Create an add-on configuration file
  • Create an add-on Update class file (for easy installation, updating, and uninstallation)
  • Create an add-on language file
  • Create custom EE template tags for your add-on
  • Parse ExpressionEngine template tags
  • Submit form data to your ExpressionEngine add-on

During the video Low builds a sample add-on called Low Likes, an ExpressionEngine add-on to mimic Facebook likes for members of the site. A member can Like any entry. If Liked, a member can Unlike the entry.

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*Chosen by the community and awared by Devot-ee.com’s annual Academ-ee Awards.

$39.99 $20.00

What is the difficulty level?


This video is an introduction to ExpressionEngine add-on development but requires experience in development. It assumes you have intermediate PHP development experience.

Does this course cover add-on development for the new ExpressionEngine 3?

No. This course covers add-on development for ExpressionEngine 2.

How long is the video?

It's 1 hour and 15 minutes of learning from the ExpressionEngine Add-on Developer of the Year.

Where do I get the code you use?

All of the code for every episode is available on the video Github repository. Don't forget to download it before starting the video. It'll come in handy!

What if I need to use them with my co-workers?

There is a Team Pack available, which allows you to share the screencasts with up to 5 people in your company or the Company license, which allows you to use the videos with up to 25 people. You can choose the proper license when you add the video to your cart.

What if I have a suggestion?

We love feedback about our training materials. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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