Video Course

Learning Evernote

by Brett Kelly

Sit down with author and Evernote expert Brett Kelly to learn the basics of using Evernote to manage, sync and search your data. After almost one hour of training you'll be ready to organize your information with Evernote. Read the full description


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What's in this Course?

It's time to get organized!

This 48 minute video will teach you the basics of Evernote, like installation, configuration and all of the fundamental concepts you’ll need to start using Evernote quickly and confidently.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to configure Evernote like a pro
  • Best practices for saving your data into Evernote from almost anywhere
  • How to organize your Evernote content using notebooks, tags and saved searches
  • The power of Evernote syncing so your information is always available wherever you are

A top-to-bottom guide by an expert on getting started with Evernote!

Free excerpt on installing Evernote

Here's a sneak peak from the section of the screencast on installing Evernote.

Download Video: MOV

Go Paperless with Evernote

It's time to get rid of the piles of paper on your desk and in your filing cabinets. It's time to stop printing out web pages or emails you want to save. All of this information can be easily stored in Evernote and available to you on your mobile devices, your computers or any computer via the Evernote web interface.

And this video covers all how to do it all.

Learn from an expert

Brett has spent more than 2 years learning how to use Evernote to keep his information safely organized and always available to him. You don't have to spend two years doing that, you just need one hour to follow along as Brett teaches you the basics of using Evernote.

Video Contents

The video is broken up into several chapters, so it's easily to follow along with your own copy of Evernote.

  • Introduction to Evernote
  • Installing Evernote
  • Configuring Evernote
  • Learning the Evernote Application Window
  • Creating Powerful Notes
  • Using Notebooks to Organize
  • Organizing with Tags
  • Syncing Notes
  • Clipping Content into Evernote
  • The Benefits of Evernote Premium

It's time to get organized with Evernote!


What is the difficulty level?


What is the difficulty level?

This video is a beginner level introduction to using the Evernote to organize your information.

How long is the training video?

This video is 48 minutes of the best advice on getting started with Evernote.

Where do I get a copy of Evernote?

This is also covered in the video but you can download Evernote from the download page at

What if I have a suggestion?

We love feedback about our training materials. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

What if I have a suggestion?

We love feedback about our training materials. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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