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Video Course

OS X Shell Tricks

by Brett Terpstra

Discover the power of the OS X command line using these fun and powerful shell tricks for web developers and designers. Read the full description


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What's in this Course?

Narrated and taught by Ryan Irelan

After watching this course you’ll be better prepared to take command at the command line. You will learn about a dozen different tricks for saving time and doing more. Along the way you’ll also learn some tactics to put together your own tricks. The material is authored by self-professed mad scientist, code wrangler, and web developer Brett Terpstra.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Files & Directories – where we will dive deep in to the open command, learn how to quick look files from the command line, batch change file extensions, and move from the Finder to the Terminal seamlessly.
  • Git Shell Tricks - we will look at using git aliases, editing our gitconfig file, searching through git aliases, and creating Github Gists from the command line.
  • Tricks for Web Designers - We’ll get image dimensions in the command line, batch process images using sips, and create base64 version of images, including scripting it so we can quickly create a CSS background property from an image.
  • Wrapping Up - Then we’ll wrap up by learning how to make the command line manuals even easier to access as PDFs and tips for branching out and getting even better at the command line.

The course teaches you tricks and the tools you need to create your own tricks. Learn about creating bash functions and aliases, both simple and complex git aliases, how to batch process images from the command line, and more.

The course includes:

  • 11 videos totaling over 70 minutes,
  • a 19-page PDF handbook that includes all of the material and code,
  • an HTML version of the same handbook,
  • additional resources for learning more about the command line,
  • and all code examples (like the .gitconfig and .bash_profile files used in the course).

This course is narrated and taught by Ryan Irelan.


What is the difficulty level?


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This course is an intermediate level introduction to doing fancy tricks on the command line. The course is ideal for web developers, web designers and front-end developers who have some command line experience.

How long is the course?

This course is 70 minutes of trickery and spans 11 different videos.

Where do I get the code written during the course? Is there any other material available?

The code and 19 page course handbook (PDF and HTML) are both available as downloads from your Course Library.

What if I have a suggestion?

We love feedback about our training materials. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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