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Video Course

Relationships with Playa

by Ryan Irelan

The perfect companion to your Playa add-on, this video covers all of the basic information you need to know to get smart about creating relationships between entries in ExpressionEngine. Read the full description

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What's in this Course?

Sit back and watch as we enhance the Channel University website to include a course listing and a faculty directory. We will link courses and faculty together using related entries and the Playa add-on from Pixel & Tonic.

This 35 minute training video is a starter guide to using Playa.

What You’ll Learn

  • The basics of relationships between entries in ExpressionEngine.
  • The different Playa field types.
  • Installing Playa on ExpressionEngine 2.
  • How to create a Playa custom field.
  • Displaying related entries in your ExpressionEngine templates using both the Playa field tag pair and the Playa module tag pairs.
  • Creating a list of related entries outside of the Channel Entries tag pair.

$8.99 $3.60

What is the difficulty level?


This video is a beginner level introduction to using the Playa add-on to create relationships between entires. You should be experienced or at least familiar with building websites with ExpressionEngine (going through our Learning ExpressionEngine 2 series is a good start).

How long is the training video?

This video is 35 minutes of the best advice on relationships (in ExpressionEngine, that is).

Where do I get the code you use?

All of the code for this screencast is available on the Code Download page.

What if I have a suggestion?

We love feedback about our training materials. Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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